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Welcome Babe!


Enter my world of sensory magic.

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My name is Mary Adelle (she/they) and I craft (perfume) potions that facilitate pleasure and deep self-connection. 


As a certified aromatherapist and queer artist, I'm here to inspire you with scent stories. I offer exclusive, luxurious, handmade perfumes created with ethically-sourced plant essential oils, organic ingredients, and intentional magic. My ~potions~ support you as you re/claim and celebrate your unique beauty, self-trust, pleasure, autonomy, worthiness, and more from dogmatic teachings and internalizations. Shop my potions and connect with your inherent brilliance...and smell DIVINE.


I'm excited you're here!

"This scent is just...tranformative. It's like you personified Wrath in a scent somehow. And then throw in the zine...so powerful!"

- KP

"I've been wearing PRIDE and I love it. I really think it helped encourage me out of my slump!"

- AM

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