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To reclaiming through sensual creativity.

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Mary Adelle She/her

Guiding Ex-Catholic Femmes to re/claim sexuality, body, pleasure, intuition, and witchery.

My name is Mary Adelle (she/her) and I'm a sexuality coach, creative facilitator, sensual writer, and queer witch.


My practice is anti-oppressive, anti-capitalist, and trauma-informed. My approach is affirmative, creative, and curious. My vibe is joyful and juicy; cute and celebratory; eclectic and enigmatic; vibrant and vivacious.

I cannot wait to work with you and witness your abundant gems, babe.


Your one-on-one, personalized guide to sensual self-examination.

8 weeks of group conversation, introspection and radical transformation.

Bringing 8 years of divination experience + creative, sensual facilitation to your reading.

 Connect with your sensuality in community with other writers in this lite introductory group.

Get a taste for my work and style with two sexy ebooks.

"It’s impossible to summarize what I have learned in the last several months working with Mary Adelle, because I can barely distinguish what I have learned and who I am now."

- KP

"Mary Adelle might be my amethyst stone, lovely as a low light shimmer, such a grounding glow of pleasure and poems. She has helped me through difficult times and celebrated joys that others did not notice."

- AM

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info@maryadelle.com / @sensual.maryadelle

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