About Me

Welcome babe!

My name is Mary Adelle (she/her) and I’m a sexuality coach, creative facilitator, sensual writer, and queer witch. 


I am the founder of Creative Sex Ed LLC, a practice with a mission to help femme survivors of catholicism liberate themselves from patriarchal constructs and religious indoctrination.

I started my business in June 2018, knowing I wanted to provide space for comprehensive and intersectional conversations around sexuality. Since then, my practice has evolved to become exactly what I needed growing up and throughout my 20s: A space for ex-catholic femmes to re/claim, explore, and celebrate their sexualities, their bodies, their pleasure, their selfhood, and their magick.


My practice is anti-oppressive, anti-capitalist, and trauma-informed. My approach is affirmative, creative, and curious. My vibe is joyful and juicy; cute and celebratory; sweet and subversive; vibrant and vivacious; lush and loving. 

I hold an MFA in creative writing and publishing design. I am a certified aromatherapist. I have been coaching and facilitating on sexuality topics for 5+ years, and I have completed over 100 hours of sexuality education certification courses. But most importantly, this work is my calling. Guiding femmes back home within themselves after years of navigating internalized catholic shame is what I’m here to do, and I’m honored.


I see your inherent brilliance the moment we connect and begin to work together. I am enchanted by your quirks, your loves, your talents, your history, etc. It’s as if I’m picking up and looking at all these brilliant gems you contain. I’m witnessing these gems in your mind, your personality, your passions, your styles, your abilities, and more. I find your gems in unexpected places, like in a hobby you keep, or in a favorite color, or in a sweet memory you hold.


Then I pick up these gems, and I polish them. I rub my sleeves against them. I get them to shine so bright. I find windows to display them in that cause the whole room to glitter with your brilliance. I bring your gems together in ways you never have before. I let some soak in your sunshine, and others glow in your moonlight. I nudge you to really SEE these gems, how wondrous and sparkly they are within you! How they can do so much for your self-delight, your relationships, your dreams, your spirituality, your career...your life.


Through my intuitive creative facilitation and affirmative coaching, I guide you to your personal sensual utopia. I help you re/discover and re/claim the parts of yourself (your gems) that religious institution buried. I hold space for your healing. And as we re/discover, re/claim, and heal, we celebrate your joys, hype up your glamour and confidence, and delight in your pleasures. My work is about self-compassion and liberation. Internalized catholic misogyny and patriarchy...begone.


I cannot wait to work with you and witness your abundant gems, babe. 


My Story

From a young age, I remember sitting at mass on Sunday, wishing I was anywhere else. When mass and catholic teachings weren’t boring, they made me feel ashamed of who I was. (I did love the post-church donuts, though.) 


I remember being told my shorts were too short at youth group. I remember being told kissing was a “sin.” I remember bible stories about women being stoned for “committing adultery.” I remember feeling icky during confession with a priest. I remember feeling not good enough for “heaven.” I remember the guilt, the shame, the pressure to be liked and praised.


All of these experiences collected in my body and formed Vaginismus, or pelvic floor tightness, a condition causing any kind of sexual experience to feel painful and shameful, so I avoided my sexuality altogether, grew distant from it. 


Until I was 25 and had a particular experience with a partner that left me feeling broken and hopeless, like I’d never have fulfilling, pleasureable relationships with others but also, like I’d never have a loving relationship with myself. So, I started to get curious about and attentive toward my sexuality. I decided to reclaim it.


I went to therapy and I found a coach. I experimented with pleasure in various forms. I quit dieting and over-exercising. I wrote and published a book of sexy poetry. I explored my sexual identity and came out as queer. I started my own sexuality coaching practice, which in and of itself has been healing, to help others re/claim their sexuality and life. 


And here I am today, still healing, growing, learning, and evolving, but from a place of steady self-worth and a deep knowing of my inherent glamour, goodness, and magick. 


It’s an honor to hold space for my clients to move through their own healing process. To dismantle internal catholic indoctrination and embrace their own deep knowing of their inherent glamour, goodness, and magick.


A few other facts about me: I live on the Appalachian mountains on unceded Piscataway land. I enjoy being outside amongst sun, trees, and dappled light, sipping coffee or tea. I have an eye for eclectic and funky decor and design. I love the sounds of train whistles. I am attracted to neon lighting. I eat a lot of chocolate-covered pretzels and I drink a lot of seltzer. Velvet is my favorite texture. I rewatch the Veronica Mars series every few years. I live for a good breeze.


I cannot wait to learn about you and hear about some of your sensual favorites, babe.