hello! i'm mary adelle (she/her) & i'm glad you're here.

I'm a queer femme and coach who specializes in the integration of creative writing and comprehensive and intersectional sexuality education.


I have a Master's degree in creative writing and publishing arts and I'm in the process of obtaining my sex ed certification through the Institute of Sexuality Education and Enlightenment. 

Beyond education, I've got lots of juicy experience, including over five years of professional facilitation on the topic of sexuality; the processes of writing, designing, and publishing two works of sensual creative writing; over three years coaching individuals and partners to connect with pleasure through creative practice and ritual; and most of all, my personal healing in the realm of sexuality via creative practice.

I founded Creative Sex Ed LLC because I ~love~ witnessing YOU claim and embrace your sexuality through your unique creative expression and passion(s). I'm here to hold affirming space and to provide gentle guidance as you connect to your innate creative spirit while you cultivate creative and pleasurable practices that last forever.

I believe in the power of accountability, community care, and healing through creativity and pleasure. Join my digital community and check out my books and offerings. I'm excited to work with you.

photo by cassie lopez