Are you here for the titillating content, babe? OR perhaps, a guide to create your own titillating content??


Look no further--I’ve got THREE ebooks for you to experience and enjoy, written by yours truly.


Girl Flame was originally published as hard copy by Babe Press in 2016. The ebook contains a collection of sensual poetry. Sexy strangers, luscious word choice, and heady spell poems all included. Grab your copy for $11 and get lost in sensual poetopia.

Nadia was originally published as hard copy by akinoga press in 2020--now it’s available in ebook form. This is my debut novella about a queer femme named Nadia. Follow Nadia as she explores her ever-evolving sexuality; pursues pleasure in all forms; and connects deeply with the people and world around her. Truly a book of luscious delight, you’ll want to return to its pages often. Purchase your copy for $22 and step into a world of pleasure and soft queer power.

My newest release, Your Sensual Grimoire, is a comprehensive writing guide and textbook equipping you with tips and practices to develop your own series or collection (or novel!!)  of sensual writing. This grimoire includes sections on poetry writing, fiction writing, AND experimental writing, giving you immediate and accessible sensory writing prompts to begin (or continue) your sensual writing craft. My motto "sensual writing for a sensual life," is the beating heart of this textbook, and I'm thrilled to share it with you.

Featuring the cover of Your Sensual Writing Grimoire: Mary Adelle's premiere creative writing textbook

Begin or continue to develop your very

own sensual writing craft with expert

guidance from THE Sensual Mary Adelle


Within author, editor, and facilitator Mary Adelle's premier creative writing

textbook, you'll find easeful and pleasurable ideas, prompts, and affirmations in the realms of fiction, poetry, and experimental form. Bonus creative writing self-care tips included!

This guidebook is centered around Mary Adelle's motto: "Sensual Writing for a Sensual Life." Dive in and witness your daily life become infused with the sensuality and pleasure of your writing craft.


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Praise for nadia

"You can really tell when a sex educator writes a queer romance novella because it's full of not only hot, realistic sex, but also snippets of sex education, so deftly woven into the book that you won't realize you're being educated! This is a story about a queer femme owning her pleasure- all of her pleasures, and experiencing healing through it. Every small pleasure that Nadia experiences and gives herself is so vibrant, so enjoyable for the reader, that I felt my five senses being stimulated, too. Even the prose itself is sensual. Everyday things like holding hands, popping popcorn, and exchanging a smile with a stranger become erotic in Nadia's world. Which reminds me that they can be that way in my life, too." 

- Erica Smith, M.Ed. sexuality educator

"Mary Adelle’s Nadia is a slow bloom of radical pleasure.  Poetry, narrative prose, and playlists interweave to create a deeply sensory story of feeling good both through and beyond sex and gender.  Nadia, a “roller-skatin’, gin drinkin,’ bewitchin’ beauty” gives us a window into the big, varied vistas of love and lust, pain and ecstasy.  Sewing gorgeous curtains, working in an apothecary, finding new people to love around every turn, Adelle’s Nadia uncovers a community—and a politics—in her embrace of the tenderness flowing through queerness, disability, and the unexpected curves of everyday life.  In Nadia, Adelle miraculously tells the story of joy."

- Karen Leona Anderson, Ph.D. author of punish honey and receipt

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"Mary Adelle’s novella debut Nadia is a delicious buffet of sex positive, body positive, intersectional intimacy; a genreless exploration of pleasure that delights through vignettes, pleasure lists, playlists, and more. It digs its nails into the complexity of pleasure and identity through the characters’ empathy and compassion for each other. It is platonic, romantic, sexual, and sensual. It is essential.


Mary’s tender, intimate prose invites the reader to grow with Nadia as she learns to love, accept, and celebrate herself. It is a body love, a mind love, a spiritual love that blossoms in this beautifully inclusive queer community, a pack of howling desert wolves primal with pleasure. 


It is no stretch or exaggeration to say that this novella will vibrate through you, remind you of pleasures and sensations forgotten, stir your lust, provoke your love. It is rich with texture, color, the smell of sandalwood, the curl of smoke rising above a Clementine Couch. Nadia is juicy; it gushes; and it liberates."

- Mandy May, M.F.A. author of Magic: Moon Tides Sing Violet Petals