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Free offerings

sex eduskate

via instagram: @maryadelle_sexeducator

Sex EduSkate is my one-minute Instagram video series that combine sexuality education and roller skates. The videos include captions for my hearing-impaired and deaf viewers. Join me while I roll around town and talk about sex!

The Scarlet Collective Podcast

Tune into my podcast, broadcasting from Dragon Digital Radio once-a-month. I'll be talking on topics such as pleasure, body image, masturbation, and more. I'll also talk about my favorite books, podcasts, educators, and more so that my listeners can compile their own sexuality resource lists!

vibrant care plans

FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY, I'm offering visitors to my site FREE "Vibrant Care Plans," which include quick-and-dirty self-care tips based on an intake form you'll fill out. Prepare to feel seen, affirmed, challenged, and comforted. Send an email to info@maryadelle.com to get started with your plan.