Hey, y'all. I'm glad you're here.


I founded my practice as a sex educator in 2018 with a mission to normalize conversations surrounding sexuality.


Not only that, I want to infuse pleasure, joy, and liberation into these conversations. I want to eradicate shame and fear from sex education and equip people with comprehensive knowledge about sexuality, so that we can build stronger and happier communities.

I have found that when people think about, open up about, and learn about sexuality, light bulbs go off.  Connections are made. A weight is lifted. We learn about the capacity and abilities of our bodies. We tap into our senses and what we authentically like and don't like. We unlearn shame and gain the self-confidence needed to pursue our goals and dreams. We figure out what our emotional, physical, and professional boundaries are, and we put them into practice! The revelations are unlimited, and I guarantee you, these revelations are empowering.


I believe in radical self-care. I believe in pleasurable learning. I believe in self-awareness. I believe in generosity and compassion. I believe in community care. I believe in historical reference and accountability. I  believe in abolishing white supremacy. I believe in listening to, learning from, and lifting up and centering the voices of Black, Indigenous, and People of Color so that we may all flourish together in our communities.

My sexuality education is dedicated to these beliefs. This is the work I am meant to do.


I am a coach, a facilitator, a writer, and a podcaster. My work is LGBTQ2SIA+-affirmative, kink-friendly, ability-sensitive, and sex positive. Check out my offerings under the Work With Me tab. Let's connect and talk about sex.