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about ME

Sexuality education is my passion, but it wasn't always that way...

Growing up, I barely had a sex education. The sex education I did receive was framed with fear and discomfort. I felt a lot of shame and uneasiness about the topic, so much so I developed a condition called Vaginismus, which caused my pelvic floor muscles to spasm and tighten, making insertion of any kind (sexual or nonsexual), extremely painful.

I eventually sought out therapy (both counseling and physical therapy), and throughout that experience, there was a strong pull toward, and curiosity about, sexuality.


My Bachelor's degree is in English and women, gender, and sexuality studies and my Master's degree is in creative writing and publishing design. I'm currently undergoing schooling to become a certified sexuality educator through the Institute for Sexuality Education and Enlightenment.

My personal upbringing and experiences, alongside my diverse education and my 3+ years facilitating dialogues on sexuality, healthy relationships, consent, and sexual assault prevention with University of Maryland College students, have given me the opportunity to develop dynamic services for my sexuality education practice.

My offerings include thoughtfully curated coaching programs, unique workshops, a podcast, a romance novella (publication anticipated Summer 2020), as well as "Sex EduSkate," a video series of sex education on roller skates.

My sexuality education is joyful, pleasurable, empowering, inclusive, and comprehensive.

Reach out to me if you're curious about my background and/or my services. I'd love to chat with you!