Nadia is Mary Adelle's erotic writing series.

Follow Nadia, a pleasure-seeking, sex-positive, queer ciswoman as she navigates polyamory, sex, friendship, and self-love.

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With Mary Adelle's expertise in sensual writing and her background in sexuality education, she writes erotic fiction that is intersectional, sex-positive, queer, and hot. Subscribe below to "The Nadia Newsletter" and see for yourself...

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"Nadia still has her black dress on. She went braless and the tender tension of her breasts against the tight fabric is turning her on. As she takes a sip of water, she makes eye contact with Jade, whose eyebrows raise in response. Nadia puts the glass down on the counter, takes Jade’s hand, and leads them to the bedroom."

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about the author

Mary Adelle received her MA in Creative Writing and Publishing Design from the University of Baltimore. Her work has found home in publications such as Alien Mouth, Skelter, Ink Press Productions, and others. Her book of sensual poetry, entitled Girl Flame, was published in 2016 and her forthcoming sensual novella (sensualla, if you will), nadia, is set to be published by akinoga press in late 2020. Mary Adelle has been writing nadia vignettes for over a year.