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Hey babe!

At this time, there are two ways to work with me:

I offer 75-minute 1:1 coaching sessions and a pay-what-you-can monthly writing workshop called "Write What You Sense."

Both offerings will connect you to your sexuality, body, sensuality, creativity, and spirit in powerful ways.

See below for further details about each offering.

I'm so excited you've decided to invest in yourself and join me for some magickal reclamation work!

Hot Femme 1:1 Reclamation Sessions

This offering is for you if you experienced misogyny and/or homophobia and hate at the hands of religious institutions. If you're like I was, you unconsciously internalized this hatred and shame and you're looking to take back the harm and transmute it into confidence, self-worth, and pleasure.


During this 75 minute session, we will talk about your experiences and beliefs around 1-2 of the "7 deadly sin(s)" (or a harmful religious construct of your choice); reframe, reclaim, and affirm via coaching, creative prompting, and writing; and develop a take-home ritual to fortify your reclamation.


As a reminder, I am a trauma-informed coach and I utilize an anti-oppressive framework in all of my offerings.

During Summer 2021, I'm offering these sessions for only $77. This price will go up in Fall 2021 so hit the button below to book your session now! 

Write What You Sense Monthly Workshops

This offering is for you if you're looking to connect with your sensuality, be in community with other writers, and enjoy writing prompts that are sure to get your whole body inspired and invigorated.


During this 60-minute workshop, you'll experience grounding, sensual creative prompting, celebratory sharing (if you're comfortable), and warm connection.

I excel in guiding people into creative bliss all while holding a brave, inviting, and relaxing space for my participants. You'll leave the workshop with an electrified creative drive, and perhaps a new sensual poem/story or two! 


These workshops are held via Zoom (captions included) the first Tuesday of every month at 7pm EST. They are pay-what-you-can, with payment options beginning at $1.00.  

Hit the button below to secure your spot for the next 'shop.

I'm so excited to be in creative community with you!

For inquiries about collaborations, podcast interviews, long-term coaching opportunities, etc., please email me at