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You Contain Unique Sensory Magic

Yes! You!

In every outfit you choose, snack you reach for, playlist you curate.

Now, I totally get that sometimes we just throw on sweatpants, grab the first granola bar we see, and tune to the local top hits radio station...bc life.

But more often than not, we make daily lifestyle choices based on unique sensory preferences that have developed due to personality, ancestry, passion, creativity, and more.

We might reach for our fav black tank top when we want to be in our feelings (for others, this might look like a soft hoodie). We may reach for chips and guac when we want to feel nourished but also lit up and delighted (for others, this might look like ice cream). We may make a playlist of all femme punk rock when we want to feel strong and capable (for others, this could be a kenny chesney playlist).

To me, this is exciting. These little, seemingly mundane choices are actually infused with how special we are--with how we have chosen to romance our lives, if we choose to look at it that way. Which, why not??

Next time you relish in a soft breeze across your face, claim that as your sensory magic--you LOVE breeze! The breeze is your friend and contains mystical messages for you. Or maybe you relish in the soft raindrops against your window--what does that sound *do* for you? Maybe a sunset makes you pause and reflect, whereas a rainy day helps you to communicate feelings.

What I'm getting at: If we want, we can use these sensory preferences to invite a more "alive" life. Choosing a color to wear to create confidence for an interview. Aligning actions with weather--like reading on cloudy days, or hikes on sunny days.

But also, you don't have to "do anything." And none of this has to mean anything. In fact, it doesn't have to be "magic" if that word doesn't resonate for you. It's just sweet to embrace the little sensory moments that stack up your day, reminding're alive, and you're you. <3

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