Hail Mary Perfumes presents HALLOWED as part of the premier small batch. Base notes of cedarwood atlas & vetiver, with a squeeze of geranium flower plus a deep rose middle note (where it gets this gorgeous color), this perfume will have you trusting and following that inner knowing of yours all day long. It’s alluring. It’s deep. Musky. It transforms self-doubt into serene self-awareness and self-belief. These plants together carry you into your truth with grace and have you fiercely reveling in how wise you are—you know what to do. It’s for the Persephones, the punks, the Pluto in Scorpio placements. Perfect for a solo date or for a day at the library, researching your fav topics. Don’t be surprised when heads turn as you walk by.  Includes a little chip of rose quartz for love.



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