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The premier of my 7 DEADLY SCENTS perfume collection begins with PRIDE.

This pure STRUT of a perfume is for the karaoke queens, the Leo placements, the pyrite lovers! It offers sensual self-worth and big, bold decision-making. Featuring top notes of lemon and black peppercorn and a sexy patchouli base, this perfume will have you unapologetically taking up gorgeous space and trying that lipstick shade you’ve felt nervous about rockin’—go on and rock it babe, you’re fab!!

~Black pepper offers movement and confident choices
~Lemon offers bright optimism and luscious attraction
~Geranium rose offers self-flirtation and unwavering pl3asure and joyful imperfection
~Cedarwood atlas offers proud posture and gentle self-knowing and community love
~Patchouli offers sensual grace and a sense of steady prosperity and openness

These plants are HYPE on your success, your dreams, your dance with life. They will usher you toward unconditional self-love and thus, community love and care, true Leo energy.

Each perfume contains not only natural essential oils, but also magical flower essences from @ashgravity and @fruitstotheroots as well as a gemstone chip hand-selected to support your brave heart.


Buy both sizes and save $12!


$63.00 Regular Price
$22.00Sale Price
  • organic ethyl alcohol, polysorbate 20, lavendar hydrosol, cedarwood atlas essential oil, geranium rose essential oil, black pepper essential oil, lemon essential oil, patchouli essential oil, various flower essences (artisan pear brandy, spring water, alcohol ((less than 20% ABV)), Maryland-grown flowers, Iowa-grown flowers).

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