HAIL MARY PERFUMERY BRINGS YOU...the next perfume of my 7 Deadly Sins series: WRATH.


This gorgeous formulation was crafted to affirm your righteous rage and assist you in safely feeling anger while stepping into your power—creative power, sexy power, confident power, change-making power…whatever you intend.


This blend is for the Medusas, the Mars Midheavens, the babes with a Mission for gorgeous, gorgeous community care and prosperity.


With spicy cinnamon and black pepper top notes, this perfume offer movement—a potion to melt stagnation. Supported by rose absolute, an oil for unwavering self-love and self-trust, and finished with base notes patchouli, amber, and vetiver, all encouraging a sense of peace, rootedness, and s3nsuality so that you feel calm and confident as you express self and collective worth.


I mean…talk about an anger alley.