1:1 Reclamation Sessions

The 1-800-RECLAMATION HOTline is here for you!


Calling all femmes who have experienced misogyny at the hands of the catholic/christian church, and want to re/claim their sexuality, body, selfhood, and magick. The Reclamation Session is for you, babe!

These sessions are perfect for femmes who... 

~want to ditch diet culture and navigate toward body liberation and unapologetic pleasure 

~want to let their rage flow to make space for creativity and inner peace

~want to embrace their sexual identities, lust, & authentic desires

~want to let jealousy come & go so they can focus on self-validation & community celebration

~want to step into their glamour and confidence

~want to rest, and learn what authentic rest looks like for them

~want to allow and embrace receiving alongside giving

Did any of those reclamations feel full-body powerful? Read on for full details on these sessions.

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During this 75-minute 1:1 session, we will examine your experiences and beliefs around 1-2 of the "7 deadly sin(s);" reframe, reclaim, and affirm via coaching, creative prompting, and writing; and develop a take-home ritual to fortify your reclamation.


Especially if you’re curious about Sintopia--my group reclamation container--this intensive 1:1 session will give you a taste of what that offering is all about.


What’s included:

~A brief intake form so that I can tailor your session to your goals and desires

~A virtual (captioned) 75-minute 1:1 session

~A take-home ritual (curated together) to fortify your reclamation(s).

~15% off Mary Adelle's signature offering, Sintopia


These sessions cost $177.