This offering is for you if you're looking to connect deeply with your senses, be in community with other writers, and enjoy writing prompts that are sure to get your whole body inspired and invigorated.

During this 60-minute workshop, you'll experience grounding, sensory creative prompting, celebratory sharing (if you're comfortable), and warm connection.


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​I excel in guiding people into creative bliss all while holding a supportive, inviting, and relaxing space for my participants. You'll leave the workshop with an electrified creative drive, and perhaps a new poem, story, and/or idea!


These workshops are held via Zoom (captions included) around the new astrological season of every month at 7pm EST (check this month's exact date by hitting the Book Now button). The cost to attend this live-only workshop is $33.  


I'm so excited to be in creative community with you, babe!