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the sensual writer



When you connect your intuitive sensuality with your creativity, an inner flame is lit. This intersection leads to radiant self-belief, sexuality reclamation, and liberatory creative intuition. 


I am here to guide you to this magical inner flame. 


Sensual Writers is a 6-month mentorship program for femme creative writers looking to connect to their sensualities, bodies, magic, confidence, pleasure, (and more) through illuminating creative facilitation, 1:1 writing coaching, and ongoing creative support.


UM? YUM! Want more details? Read below, babe.

The Sensual Writer is the mentorship program for you if…

~you might experience shame, apathy, and/or avoidance around your sexuality and want to explore and embrace your sensuality, sexual identities, and desires via writing, creativity, and ritual.


~you may deal with self-doubt and insecurity when it comes to being seen, publishing, and sharing your creative work and you want to settle into consistent confidence and self-worth around your creative brilliance and inherent glamour.


~you may feel disconnected from your body and from sensory delights and you want to experience unapologetic sensual pleasure more consistently.


~you sometimes get jealous of others' creative work, which makes you feel ashamed because you want to be happy for people, and you’d like to accept jealousy and let it come and go so you can recenter around self-validation and community celebration.


~you often please and give to others before pleasing and giving to yourself, and you’d like to practice prioritizing yourself and your creative dreams while receiving praise and acclaim with gratitude and pleasure.


~you may deal with creative perfectionism and you want to let yourself create for the joy of creating.

~you want to craft a creative writing practice that centers exploration and freedom instead of strict deadlines and productivity.

~you crave working alongside an ongoing mentor who supports and illuminates your creative ideas and endeavors.

~you are curious about astrology and other divination/witchy tools, perhaps not as a life doctrines, but as creative ways to connect with yourself and your art.

You're ready to celebrate the creative, sensual human being you are on a daily basis

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Does this sound like you, babe? Let me tell you what this transformative offering includes:


~Six monthly 60-minute virtual 1:1 calls with trauma-informed coach and facilitator Mary Adelle. Each call will organize around each of the ~six~ senses and will include grounding, coaching, and creative prompting for examining, ritualizing, and transmuting self-doubt into re/claimed personal and creative power. Prepare for your writing practice to explode with ideas!

~Free admission to my monthly Sensual Writing workshop during the 6-month timeline so that the Sensual Writer can connect with a creative community, share creative work, and give and receive support.


~Monthly creative guidance for you to explore in order to buttress your sensual-creative connections. This includes sensual writing prompts and easeful creativity tips and tricks.

~Ongoing Voxer messaging with Mary Adelle, so that the creativity can flow and be witnessed in between 1:1 sessions (certain messaging timeframes and boundaries will be established).

~A free copy of Your Sensual Writing Grimoire to support your sensual writing studies.

~The opportunity to develop a small collection of creative writing, which can be used to seek publication or can be further developed into a larger collection. 


This mentorship will ignite exciting internal and external transformations, babe. That pesky and debilitating self-doubt and shame around your sensuality and creativity will be challenged over and over again as you witness your inner soft power, your self-delight, and your brilliance grow bigger, bolder, and brighter. We are going to experience so much joy and pleasure together!

The price of this offering is $999, or three monthly payments of $345. If there is a payment plan that better suits your finances, please don't hesitate to let me know and we will try to work something out. <3


The program is now accepting two new sensual writers. Fill the fields below with your contact information  (no commitment necessary) and Mary Adelle will reach out soon with all the juicy details.



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YAY! Thanks, babe!