Mary Adelle is an experienced sexuality coach with an aim to help her clients navigate shame, create sustainable care practices, and live their best sexual lives.

Creating and facilitating within a framework of sex-positivity, pleasure, and self-care, I am equipped to coach on topics such as sexual exploration, healthy relationships and dating, LGBTQIA+ topics,

body acceptance and liberation, pelvic floor pain, and more. I can work with clients one-on-one, within relationships, or a combination of solo and partner coaching.

I am now offering 1 hour coaching sessions! See more details below.

who can benefit from my coaching?

My clients come from wide, dynamic ranges of experiences and backgrounds, but they're all struggling with some (or many) facet(s) of their sexuality. Most societies shy away from comprehensive sexuality education, causing confusion and insecurity about our bodies, our desires, and our identities. My coaching helps liberate clients from this lack of education because I provide a brave and grounding space for open and vulnerable communication; I instill creativity and joy into the assignments and work; and I provide vetted, honest, and comprehensive definitions and information, based on client needs.

If this sounds like a program you need, see below just a few of the benefits included with my coaching sessions:

  • You will gain communication skills so that you're able to recognize and practice your values, needs, boundaries, desires, and more and instill this communication practice into your sexual and non-sexual relationships. For many of my clients, this is work they've never done before, and the newfound self-awareness is incredibly powerful.

  • You will develop a comprehensive self-care plan that will  lead to greater self-awareness and pleasure.

  • You will receive prompts and assignments that will deepen and enhance your sexual experiences alone and/or with partners.

  • You will receive a list of resources curated by me with recommendations for books, podcasts, webpages, practitioners, practices, and more to assist with your healing journey.

  • You will chat with me regularly for check-ins, vents, ideas, celebrations, and more.

coaching offerings

I currently offer two options for my coaching practice:


1) Ongoing, in-depth coaching sessions

2) One hour, "quick'n'dirty" facilitations

In-depth coaching is for those who want to explore and dig deep into a variety of topics such as sexuality, gender, healthy relationships, dating, polyamory, sensuality, kink, and more. There's a balance of meetings, independent work, and safe challenges as part of the on-going sessions. This coaching can happen in-person in Frederick, MD or we can do these sessions virtually. Shame can take a long time to unlearn, a lifetime even. My work is to help you live more liberated in a world where shame is the norm (for now). If you want to do multiple sessions of deep work, of both learning and unlearning, this is the best coaching option for you.

One hour "quick'n'dirty" facilitations are for those who have one or two questions they want to ask a sexuality educator, perhaps about dating, relationships, sexuality, gender identity, polyamory, non-monogamy, self-discovery, etc. We will chat and brainstorm solutions together. Or maybe you need affirmation in something you're experiencing with your sexuality or gender identity journey. I can hold brave and compassionate space for you in all of your experiences. At the end of the call, I'll curate a list of resources based on our conversation for you to explore. These sessions are by phone or by virtual chat. If you're looking for insight on a specific topic and want a sexuality educator to hold space for you and facilitate on that topic, this is the best coaching option for you.

Not sure which coaching option is the best fit for you? Let's chat and figure it out together! Fill out the contact form and I'll reach out to connect.


Important note:

In all coaching and workshop formats, I use a framework of anti-racism, so that my clients can become aware of (if not already aware of), the institutional systems (white supremacy, patriarchy, diet culture, beauty construct, ableism, and more) and how these violent systems shame our sexuality and humanity and strip us of our self-worth. I am still learning and growing and I give my clients space to learn and grow with me. Together through this work, we will build more caring and liberated individuals and communities.

my coaching practice

Is conducted with honesty, care, and intention. I realize that every human I meet with is different, and so my coaching is a little different for each client. My practice is process-oriented, so we will find clarity on what you need and develop reasonable and actionable plans to find you solutions.  I do talk-only coaching--any assignments given will be your responsibility to complete outside of our coaching sessions. Reach out to me if you'd like to learn more about my coaching style and practice!

"Cara and I are so thankful we went through the relationship coaching process together. Mary Adelle was such a personable and informative resource in this vital aspect of our lives, which can often go overlooked." 

-drew & cara

"My coaching session with Mary Adelle gave me hope for the future. She was very thorough in discussing Vaginismus and it's effects on me, and also providing a detailed plan for treatment to tackle symptoms. Due to her pelvic floor therapist recommendation, I have already seen fantastic results and have a lot of confidence in moving forward with myself and my self-care practice."


what my clients are saying