tarot readings & facilitation

This offering is for you if you’re looking for a queer creative to use tarot and divination in order to facilitate and/or discover creative ideas, connect with your sensuality, and guide you toward the reclamation of your sexuality, sensory witchery,  and/or creative dreams.


My reading is not your typical tarot reading. We use the cards to tap into your creative intuition and connect with your sensuality. We might even write a poem or story together on the spot. Or dig deep into a creative dream you've been ruminating on. 

I read the cards with a sensual eye in order to reflect themes, patterns, and underlying messages you may not realize exist in your creative body and sensual spirit. This is part of my magic--excavating and bringing forth the unconscious gems contained within you and within your creativity. When I read the cards, I offer insights, suggestions, and ideas based on YOUR creative juice, you then have the opportunity to dig deeper into the authenticity of your creativity and move forward from a space of reinvigorated confidence.

The price is $55 for a 35 minute reading.


This service includes:

~A 35-minute virtual meeting of reading, reflecting, and collaborating

~Any notes we take sent directly to you via email


I look forward to reading with you, babe!

 I also help to lessen any fear around  your creative ideas and public sharing goals and guide you to transmute that fear into gleaning pleasure and empowerment from the creative process.

I am an established reader and creative with over 12 years of experience. As I edited journals such as The Avenue (2015, 2016, 2017) and NASTY (2017),  & wrote and published two books of sensual writing, I  collaborated with my decks for inspiration and guidance. 

I specialize in assisting creative witchy types, but If you feel called to read with me and you aren't looking for creative guidance specifically, feel free to reach out to see if we are a good fit.

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Now offering tarot readings
at Give Rise Studio
in Downtown Frederick, MD!
Fridays, 3:30pm - 6:30pm.
15 min for 15$
Click to book!