"I had the privilege of working with Mary as a Ten Woman Plan dialogue facilitator during the Fall 2017 semester, when she came and spoke to me and my sorority sisters to open up the conversation about sexual assault on UMD's campus and to show us all the resources our campus has to offer. While I participated in this program in the past, my semester with Mary opened up the best conversations between my sisters and was the most enlightening semester by far. They all told me how comfortable they felt they could be with her and I could not agree more. Mary is excellent at creating a safe place to open up all forms of dialogue, making you feel like you just had a conversation with a friend you have known for years, while being able to provide professional insight and resources to address  questions and concerns. I am so grateful to have met Mary and to have had the opportunity to share experiences in a relaxed, safe space."

— Madison Campe, Ten Woman Plan,

University of Maryland