the exchange

The rates for my services are intended to be as accessible as possible while honoring the time, energy, and resources that are put into the work.

coaching and workshops

The hourly rate for my in-depth coaching services and my workshop services is $111

In-depth coaching sessions include intake and check-in forms prior to each session; specific and intentional prompts and outlines during each session; space for open conversation;  a creative element for processing and reflection; and a takeaway "Sexuality Care Plan," which include resource recommendations and "homework assignments" based on our work together.

Sometimes coaching clients feel satisfied with two sessions, others prefer continuous meetings, which I'm available to do either bi-weekly or monthly, depending on a client's preference.

Workshops include a pre-planning session in person or over the phone to be sure I meet the specific needs of the workshop group; thorough preparation; workshop supplies (for up to 20 people); and a follow-up and/or check-in session post workshop.


Note: The minimum amount of hours you can work with me for both workshops and for the in-depth coaching sessions is two hours per workshop and per coaching session. This time allows for thorough preparation and facilitation.


The rate for my one-hour "quick'n'dirty" facilitation is $55

One-hour "quick'n'dirty" facilitation sessions include an intake form to be sure we cover everything you want to discuss, as well as a curated resource list, which will be sent to you post facilitation.



10% of every sale I make goes toward scholarship funds (for the services above) and organizations that benefit Black, Indigenous, and People of Color. If we work together and you have an organization you'd like me to donate to, please let me know!


I am always happy to discuss my rates and answer any questions you have about the exchange. Please contact me if you would like to discuss.

If you're unable to pay for the services, please still reach out and let's talk.