hey, creative babe!

We all have sensual and creative instincts embedded in our being. We all have imaginative ideas and unique talents; bodies that crave joy and delightful experiences; and an inner knowing of what feels good and right.

Yet often, we are disconnected from these aspects of ourselves.

Be it...

~The monotonous routines of work

~The demands of family and community care

~The ebbs and flows in our mental, emotional, and physical health

~Our personal and collective traumas

~Our social media and digital engagements

~Or systemic oppression

One, some, or all of these interconnected realities can keep us from connecting deeply and sustainably with our innate creativity and sensuality.

Experiencing creative and sensual disconnection

is so valid. understandable, and normal.

And yet, it is possible to cultivate an anchored connection to both.

Which is why I designed the Sensual Self-Publishing Program (SSPP or “sip”),

a program to help you (re)connect to your creativity and your sensuality. 

Not only will we tend to this (re)connection, but we will unearth and ignite the intuitive nature of this connection so that even alongside work, family, community care, etc., you can rest assured that your creative spirit and your sensuality is sustained and supported invariably by you and your instinct.


SSPP will guide you to foster a steady relationship with yourself and with the world around you that is easeful and wondrous; creative and imaginative; tender and pleasurable.


Through 12 weeks of creative writing, community support, and

one-on-one guidance from me.

Let me tell you more...

During the 12 weeks of the program, I’ll be guiding you and a small, private cohort through creative writing and design prompts; juicy somatic exercises; and electric creative rituals that will invigorate your writing practice and nourish your sensuality. 


SSPP will infuse your creative writing practice with ease and play while bringing forward and sustaining your innate connection to sensuality and pleasure, ensuring that this transformation can follow you long after you graduate from SSPP.


It’s important to note that SSPP isn’t a program that tries to change who you are as a person. Instead, SSPP will lead you to unearth a relationship with yourself that is based on compassion, curiosity, and radical acceptance. Perfectionism and creative blocks will be replaced with play and sensory connection. Self-punishment and doubt will be replaced with curiosity and self-celebration. 


And I haven’t even told you the best part yet...

By the end of your 12 weeks in SSPP, you will have written, designed, and laid out a short, e-book collection of creative work (up to 10 poems and/or 1-3 short stories) that can be self-published, further developed for outside publication, or simply enjoyed as a

completed project.

Basically, this program will give you a tangible award to celebrate your (re)connection to your unique creativity and sensuality.


So cool, right?!

Who is The Sensual Self-Publishing Program For?

SSPP is created for people who feel disconnected from creativity and sensuality and who want to cultivate a relationship with their creativity and sensuality that is easeful, playful, and sustainable.


Specifically, it's for those who desire support and guidance as they show themselves it is possible to connect with their unique creativity and sensuality at any and every given moment.


The program is perfect for you if…


~You feel stuck in a creative rut and want to release avoidance of and resentment toward creative goals.

~You feel disconnected from your body and from sensory delights and you want to experience pleasure more consistently.

~You struggle with creative perfectionism and you want to let yourself create for the joy of creating.

~You often fall prey to patterns and cycles of shame and self-punishment and would like to let yourself be.

~You want to craft a creative writing practice that centers exploration and freedom instead of strict deadlines and productivity.

~You crave a community that supports and illuminates your creative ideas and endeavors.

You’re so ready to celebrate the creative, sensual human you are on a daily basis.

Sound like you? Want to know what’s included?


During the 12 weeks, you will…


~Receive weekly emails from me with intentional and playful creative prompts and ingredients

~Receive an ebook guide with creative writing tools and genre explanations.

~Meet virtually with me for supportive, one-on-one coaching calls a total of three times (once each month) structured to fit your schedule.

~Meet virtually with me and a group of fellow creatives a total of four times, scheduled at a time that works best for the group (and if you can’t be there, the calls will be recorded for you to watch and soak in on your own time).

~Cultivate a lasting community in a supportive, digital container with fellow SSPP members in a private Mighty Networks group. I will moderate the group and post weekly creative and somatic prompts to compliment the weekly emailed prompts. 

~Complete a small compilation of creative work.

Why pursue this sensual, creative journey with me?

Hi! I'm Mary Adelle (she/her), your coach. I hold a BA in English and women, gender, and sexuality studies and a MFA in creative writing and publishing arts. I am currently pursuing a certification in sexuality education through the Institute of Sexuality Education and Enlightenment (anticipated completion in 2021).


I have written and published two books of creative work and I’ve designed and edited four creative journals. My creative writing has been featured in several journals and compilations. And I am always the friend people come to for writing advice and editing.


I’ve worked as a sexuality professional for over three years, specializing in helping clients connect to and prioritize pleasure through creative exploration.


I am a certified aromatherapist, and I have spent countless hours connecting with my senses on a deep and intimate level. I am trained to help others connect with their unique sensual joys.

Prior to owning and running Creative Sex Ed LLC, I worked with college students for eight years as an advisor and a facilitator, leading small-group conversations on sexual assault prevention, healthy relationships, and consent and boundaries.


I am a queer, trauma-informed, intersectional feminist. I am passionate about social justice, comprehensive and accessible sexuality education, and body diversity and acceptance. I prioritize accountability and community care. I will show up for you authentically and compassionately.


Most importantly, I love this work. It is what I was born to do. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to hold space as you claim your creative, sensual self. It is an honor.

What is the exchange for this program?

$2200 or three monthly payments of $755

BIPOC pay $1600 or three monthly payments of $550

Are you ready for the Sensual Self-Publishing Program, creative babe?

Simply hit the button below and fill out an application. Expect to hear back from me within 72 hours to set up a free exploration call!

Take a look at what my clients have to say about my coaching...

"Mary Adelle's support feels warm and inspiring, inviting me to step deeper into my creativity at my own pace. The joyful and heartfelt validation she offers is balanced by her perception and wisdom. Mary Adelle offers insightful perspective while holding space for my own sacred process of unfolding my truth."


"Mary Adelle allowed me to feel safe to explore and in that I discovered so much about myself that I thankfully can’t unlearn. The world needs more of the work that Mary Adelle so knowledgeably provides."


"There's something about Mary (Adelle)...lol. But seriously, Mary saw me, heard me, and just seemed to know what I needed in terms of a coach. It was so clear that she really wanted to get to know me as a person, and not just as a client. She was all about experimentation, and finding unique ways to help me help myself out of some ruts. And by unique, I mean so very me. I am forever glad I invested in her work, because now, even on my worst days, I feel grounded in who I am, what I need, and what I desire. Don't hesitate to work with Mary Adelle. "


A note on sexuality vs. sensuality...

You might be wondering why I focus on sensuality instead of sexuality in SSPP. I'm a sexuality educator, so why not the "Sexual Self-Publishing Program"?

Sensuality is an aspect of our sexuality. Sensuality is the way we relate to and connect with our environments through our senses, our body, our pleasures, and our spirit [or insert your personal word choice here, if any].


A lot of clients come to me because they feel shame surrounding sexuality, usually stemming from religious backgrounds, sexual trauma and/or abuse, or societal purity messaging (among many other experiences).


In my experiences as a sexuality coach, sensuality offers an accessible and healing way for clients to explore and discover more about their sexuality. We learn what we desire and do not desire and how that can fluctuate throughout time; we witness the wise languages of our bodies; and we show ourselves how wide and expansive pleasure can be. Most of all, sensual discovery and connection allows us to navigate and unlearn personal shame without us even realizing it. 

During the SSPP coaching calls, my clients will absolutely be invited to talk about what comes up for them in their sexual lives as they move through the program. I am equipped to provide resource, education, and affirming space as clients discover more about their sexuality

But we will focus on our connection to sensuality in SSPP, knowing the nurturing of sensuality will serve as lush foundation for those who seek sexuality exploration.

And one final note: sensuality feeds creativity and vice versa. Connecting deeply with your senses and your environment will open up your creative instinct just as creativity and creative writing will naturally prompt you to tune into your sensuality. The two are constantly in conversation with each other, but we don't always hear the conversation. SSPP will lead you to consistently tune in and hear that sensual-creative conversation within you.

I am so excited to work with you.


Do I have to be an experienced creative writer to be in this program?

No, but you do need to have a vested interest in creative writing. It is the main mode of creativity we utilize during the program, so if you do not enjoy creative writing or if the idea of writing creatively for twelve weeks does not excite you, SSPP won't be a good fit for your creative aspirations.

Do I have to share my creative writing with members of my cohort?

You never have to do anything you don't want to do in SSPP. If you'd like to keep your writing private, that's totally fine. Members will be invited to share their writing with each other week to week, but with no pressure or obligation. There will also be opportunities to connect with each other in smaller groups or pairs to reduce that feeling of vulnerable risk. Lastly, there will be a community space agreement, crafted together with Mary Adelle, in order to prioritize safety, good will, support, and community care within each cohort.

Does all of the creative writing completed during the program have to be sensual?

You can write whatever you feel called to write during SSPP! By "sensual writing" I do not mean inherently sexual or erotic writing. While erotica and writing of a sexual nature is totally welcome in SSPP, sensual writing is less about content and more about mode. My prompts and creative guidance will center your senses--exploring your senses, letting your senses guide you and converse with you, celebrating your senses. So while the content of your writing could be history, folktale, mystery, romance, etc., the path into these genres will be through your senses.