Hey babe! I am thrilled you’re thinking of investing in yourself and working with me. We are going to connect, explore, co-create, celebrate you, and so much more.

I offer a range of offerings spanning from exclusive perfumes to a monthly writing workshop to 1:1 writing mentorships to a juicy email newsletter. Each offering shares a common goal: To guide you to your inherent brilliance and inspire self-delight.

My offerings vary in pricing in order to accommodate as many people within the community as possible, while also ensuring I receive what I need to prosper and thrive. Keep in mind: 5% of my monthly income goes directly to the Piscataway Land Trust as land tax and another 5% goes to mutual aid. So by working with me, you’re also 1) helping to pay a land tax and 2) redistributing wealth into our collective community. 


Thank you. I cannot wait to connect with you, babe.

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During this 60-minute workshop, you'll experience grounding, sensory creative prompting, celebratory sharing (if you're comfortable), and warm connection.



A 6-month mentorship program for femme creative writers looking to connect to their senses, their artistic confidence, their creative power (and more).


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Are you here for the titillating content, babe? Or perhaps to develop your own?Look no further--I’ve got three ebooks for you to collect, written by yours truly.


Small batches of luxurious, exclusive scents to connect you to your power, confidence, beauty, and more.

I'm also on Instagram (@hailmary_perfumes). Connect with me there for perfume magic and sensory facilitation.

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