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The Workplace Workshop Series


business is booming, but...

+ Your team is burnt out and unable to maintain a work-life balance.

+ There are interpersonal issues, causing miscommunication and avoidable mistakes.

+ Colleagues shy away from difficult conversations, causing tension and resentment and thus a toxic work environment.

+ Your staff do not feel comfortable sharing their personal lives and emotions with one another, creating a lack of authenticity       in work and colleague relationships.

+ There is a general lack of self-awareness, and thus cultural-awareness, enabling racism, sexism, and discrimination to exist             either blatantly or via microaggressive behaviors.

+ You're simply hoping to improve your workplace environment and boost moral and general happiness among your team            members!

What if your business could boom                   bigger + better?

As a professional dialogue facilitator, I'm equipped to help your team grow together, improve relations, and find greater satisfaction at their workplace, which in turn serves your business as a whole. I have found it is an invaluable experience when the team gets together as a group for a few hours, a day, or even a week, and has earnest conversations about communication, self-awareness, boundaries and more: Productivity increases; the workplace energy is more vibrant and joyful; and people care about each other...that's what a working team is all about! You want a community working and creating together, fueled by healthy relationships that spark change and innovation. Let me facilitate these workshops and/or conversations for you and watch your workplace grow and glow. 

current offerings:

+ Workplace Boundaries

+ How to Have Difficult Conversations

+ Emotional CPR: Emotions at the Workplace

+ Self-care > Self-Awareness

+ Blueprint for Healthy (Work) Relationships

+  [Insert customized workshop for your workplace needs!]

What people are saying about my work:

“Mary Adelle has almost single-handedly helped us change our workplace culture for the better.  It’s relatively easy to find 'experts' to come in to your organization to provide training, but someone that can bring wisdom as well is much more rare. Mary Adelle brought not only knowledge, but also the ability to engage with our staff instantly and draw out their stories and participation.  We couldn’t be happier and will absolutely be having her back for future sessions.  Mary Adelle comes with my very highest recommendation, don’t miss out!”

- Dave Matusiak, Director of HR, Badlands, LLC

  May 2019