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Mary Adelle is an experienced workshop facilitator with an aim to unite and empower communities through open conversations, self-examination, and comprehensive education.

Creating within a framework of inclusivity, pleasure, and self-care, I can facilitate workshops on topics such as healthy relationships, sexual assault prevention, gender, sexuality, and more. My workshops can be tailored to private groups, workplace and corporate groups, faith-based groups,

and school groups. I typically work with people of ages 16+.

My most recent workshops 

Include the following:

+Pleasure as Stress Relief

+Soup + Sensuality

+The Sensual Writing Workshop

+ Blueprint for Healthy Relationships: Mental Health Edition

+ Emotional CPR: How to Have Emotions In the Workplace

+ Ten Man/Ten Woman Plan

+ Workplace Self-Care

+ How to Have Difficult Conversations

+ LGBTQ2SIA+ 101

Are conducted with honesty, care, and intention. I realize that every community I meet with is different, and so my facilitation is a little different for each workshop.  I set up each group with a working agreement and goals and objectives, but I like to keep things flexible, too. I can workshop in-person in Frederick, MD and surrounding areas such as D.C. and Baltimore, as well as via Zoom. Reach out to me if you'd like to learn more about my facilitation style and practice!

My workshops

Check out my newest workshop:    

         "The Scarlet Collective"

The Scarlet Collective is an eight-week intensive workshop program, challenging participants to take a deep dive into their personal and collective histories with sexuality education. Together, participants will discover and confront personal biases surrounding sexuality, dispel common myths about sexuality, and move forward with clarity, knowledge, and empowerment.

We will meet as a group once-a-week for eight weeks (this is possible both in-person or online via Zoom). There's a balance of meetings, independent work, and safe challenges as part of this workshop. If this sounds like a program you need, see below just a few of the benefits included with this workshop:

+ Self-examination exercises that will equip participants to look critically and compassionately at their internal and external beliefs about sexuality.

+ Vetted, true, and comprehensive information and definitions about sexuality.

+ Communication tools that will help each participant articulate feelings, values, and boundaries within the scope of the workshop and beyond.

+ Healthy relationship evaluations.

+ Creative activities that spark joy and revelation.

+ A space to feel free and affirmed to talk about topics that participants may have never opened up about.


This workshop is particularly powerful for young participants, such as high-schoolers and college students, as it will equip them to carry the knowledge and awareness gained into their communities, building braver, well-informed, and compassionate generations.

Why the Scarlet Collective? Read more about the name on the "Welcome to the Scarlet Collective" blog post.

If this workshop sounds of interest to you or a group that you know of, please contact me for more information and details!

what my clients are saying

"I had the luck of being introduced to Mary Adelle and bringing her to our annual Young Adult Leadership Retreat to lead a Healthy Relationships workshop with our young adults. It was amazing to watch her guide these young people through a conversation about a topic that can be difficult to have even in the best of situations. Not to mention the inclusion of adding a hands on arts based activity, this workshop quickly became a favorite among our participants. I truly look forward to hiring Mary Adelle again in the future for more workshops!"

— Rowan Powell, Transitional Age Youth Outreach Project Coordinator, On Our Own of Maryland, Inc.

"Mary Adelle has almost single-handedly helped us change our workplace culture for the better.  It’s relatively easy to find 'experts' to come in to your organization to provide training, but someone that can bring wisdom as well is much more rare. Mary Adelle brought not only knowledge, but also the ability to engage with our staff instantly and draw out their stories and participation.  We couldn’t be happier and will absolutely be having her back for future sessions.  Mary Adelle comes with my very highest recommendation, don’t miss out!"

Dave Matusiak, Director of HR

 Badlands LLC