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Hail Mary Perfumery presents...GUARDIAN: Perfume and Protection.


A truly FRESH feeling brew, this perfume contains rosemary verbenone, damiana, ho wood, cedarwood atlas, frankincense, and lemon. The rosemary (scent: herbaceous) helps you embrace your wild and weirdness, feeling safe and confident in your own being. It will lead you to embodied breaths and smart moves. The damiana (scent: soft, sweet floral) will induce calm in chaos, supporting your instincts. Damiana is also a plant for sensual embodiment, perhaps bringing you into relationship with your whole body, feeling alive and lit up. The ho wood (scent: bright woodsy) guides you into the strong, secure home of YOU, making you feel sturdy and extra competent. We know and love cedarwood (scent: sweet woodsy)...a cultivater of humming community, allowing space for others to do their thing while you do yours without doubting yourself. Frankincense (scent: spicy resinous) spurns unwavering inner power--truly dancing with the damiana to make you feel centered and royal AF. And lastly, a splash of lemon (scent: tart citrus) for optimism and quick, clear energy. 


Made with magical intention and deep care, this scent is designed to fortress your boundaries, make your decisions sing with confidence, and protect your sacred energy. Spritz to the wrists and to the back of your neck in the morning and before leaving your home to surround yourself in a layer of perfume protection (and/or simply a truly luscious scent).


Includes flower essences and a chip of amethyst for extra peace and clarity.


A portion of each sale goes toward the Baltimore Abortion Fund.


Buy both sizes and save $12!

GUARDIAN: Perfume & Protection

$63.00 Regular Price
$22.00Sale Price
  • organic ethyl alcohol, polysorbate 20, locally-crafted lavendar hydrosol, cedarwood atlas essential oil, rosemary verbenone essential oil, 5% damiana in fractionated coconut essential oil, ho wood essential oil, frankincense essential oil, lemon essential oil, various flower essences (artisan pear brandy, spring water, alcohol ((less than 20% ABV)), Maryland-grown flowers, Iowa-grown flowers).

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