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Hail Mary Perfumery presents...SLOTH, the newest addition to the 7 Deadly Scents collection (joining WRATH, LU$T and PRIDE on the HMP shelves).


Where my sleepy babes at? My dreamy piscean mer-folks?

If your sheets are perpetually wrinkled and your happy hours are all about the oyster shooters…this is the perfume potion for you.


SLOTH is a potent combo of vetiver, oakmoss, patchouli, palmarosa, and neroli 

It lingers on the wrist like a siren’s salty song, giving hazy boudoir, a string of pearls, the lull of serene ocean tide.

All of the scents are picked with the intention of deep sleep, compassionate detachment, peaceful being & slow, sensuous movement. Chock full of love energy, serving exquisite care to both self + community.

Baby you’re a sleepy star!! ️ SLOTH will have you embodying how dreamy you are. Perfect perfume for staying home and hanging with just you, maybe a lil cry or sob. Sad girlie.


Buy both sizes and save $12!


$63.00 Regular Price
$22.00Sale Price
  • organic ethyl alcohol, polysorbate 20, neroli 10% essential oil in jojoba, oak moss essential oil, vetiver essential oil, patchouli essential oil, palmarosa essential oil, various flower essences (artisan pear brandy, spring water, alcohol ((less than 20% ABV)), Maryland-grown flowers, Iowa-grown flowers).

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